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Port wine 2007 VINTAGES

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Great Vintage Port was made in 2007. I love the combination of power and finesse in these young blackstrap fortified wines. What strikes me is how polished the tannins are. I was spellbound by the top Vintage Ports of my tasting.

100 Dow

98 Quinta do Vesuvio (Capela)

97 Vargellas Vinhas Velhas

96 Graham, Taylor

95 Warre , Niepoort

94 Quinta do Vesuvio, Fonseca

93 Quinta do Noval

92 Vale Meão, Croft, others

91 Sandeman, Offley, others

90 Ferreira, Churchill, many others


There is little doubt that 2007 is a high class vintage… The 2007s have plenty of flesh and succulence which will make them approachable early on… The best have impeccable balance and elegance...

98 Vargellas Vinhas Velhas

97 Graham

95 Taylor

94 Dow, Fonseca, Noval

93 Warre, Niepoort

92 Vesuvio (Capela), Cockburn

91 Vesuvio, Smith Woodhouse, Gould Campbell, Martinez,

Burmester, Delaforce, Quinta do Crasto, Quinta do Tedo,

Duorum, Rozés, Vallegre


Richard Mayson is one of the most highly regarded Port tasters in the business. He tasted the 2007 Vintages on 4 separate occasions before announcing his assessment: 2007 is a Symington vintage! The wines have a wonderful purity. The vibrant fruit that is so expressive of the Douro shines through clearly on the nose and palate. The 2007s have a freshness and vivacity that I have not seen at this stage before. 'Elegance' and 'poise' are words that crop up frequently in my tasting notes, particularly among the best wines which
are supported by fine, tight-knit tannins.

19,5 Graham's

19 Dow's, Quinta do Vesúvio Capela, Vargellas Vinha Velha

18,5 Warre’s, Quinta do Vesúvio, Niepoort

17,5 Smith Woodhouse, Noval

17 Gould Campbell, Taylor

16,5 Cockburn’s


Jancis Robinson selected 15 of the 2007 Vintage Ports as her ‘favourites’ at the London tasting where forty-two 2007 Vintage Ports were on show. Symington wines are 7 out of the 15 – nearly half of the ‘top wines’ listed in one of the world’s most influential newspapers. This is really quite a remarkable achievement.

18+ Graham’s, Taylor’s

18 Dow’s, Warre’s, Noval, Fonseca, Niepoort

18- Smith Woodhouse, Vargellas Vinha Velha

17,5+ Quinta do Vesuvio, Pisca

17,5 Capela, Quarles Harris, Broadbent, Vale Meão


A respected wine critic for one of the most widely circulated newspapers in the world
ranks Symington wines on top.
My top wines, Dow’s delicious, dry, polished ’07 and Graham’s silky, rose-scented ’07, are
worth buying now to put away for a decade, perhaps two, before they are ready to drink.
On the next tier comes Noval’s silky red fruit; Vesuvio’s bold, peppery spice; Taylor’s hefty,
floral ’07, and Warre’s robust, blackberry-scented ’07. After that it’s the sweet redcurranty
fruit of Vale Dona Maria’s 07, Ferreira’s fragrant, floral spice, Pocas Quinta de Santa
Bárbara’s peppery grip and Churchill’s Quinta da Gricha’s intense mulberry fruit.


Port wine expert Roy Hersh recently concluded one of the most comprehensive reviews of the 2007 Vintage Ports, during which he conducted blind tastings of 63 Vintage Ports. Along with the results, Roy also released his TOP 10 list which includes 3 wines from Symington Family Estates - Graham's, Dow's and Warre's.

These are the individual scores:

96+ Graham's “Another pearl in the long strand of fine Vintage Port’s by Graham’s."

97+ Dow's “A stellar Vintage Port from this fine shipper."

96+ Warre's “The best Warre Vintage Port I’ve ever had, at this early stage."



Derek Smedley is a distinguished British wine expert and Master of Wine who began his wine trade career in 1961. He acts as a consultant to a host of UK City institutions and is Co-Chairman of The International Wine Challenge, one of the world’s most prestigious blind tasting competitions.

96-99 Quinta do Vesuvio 2007 Capela Vintage

95-99 Graham's 2007 Vintage

95-98 Warre's 2007 Vintage

95-98 Quinta do Vesuvio 2007 Vintage

93-97 Fonseca 2007 Vintage

93-96 Dow's 2007 Vintage

93-96 Taylor 2007 Vintage

91-94 Quinta do Noval 2007 Vintage

90-93 Smith Woodhouse 2007 Vintage

90-92 Niepoort 2007 Vintage

89-92 Ramos Pinto 2007 Vintage

89-92 Sandeman 2007 Vintage

88-91 Gould Campbell 2007 Vintage

88-91 Croft 2007 Vintage

86-89 Ferreira 2007 Vintage

Link: Port wine at www.vinhoweb.pt

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